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Maanasa's experiment
  • • I think of my 20s as an experiment where I just do everything I dream about and learn new things instead of boxing myself into a career. I actively try to escape 'finding a niche'. Society has limits, our brains don't. Why underestimate ourselves to do only 1 thing forever when we can do everything we want?
  • • I consider everything I spend my time on as a project, and every project has only 2 objectives - I need to try my best and I need to learn something from it. I publicly document my project progress & failures under /Progress. I write my experiences under /Blog and compile resources from things I learned under /Notes.
  • • I also post at @nomadonbudget on Instagram and @maanasagopal on Twitter.
Quick villain origin story
  • I often get different versions of "so, what's your story?", here it is:
    (TL;DR: I adamantly pursued one simple quest & that ended up having a butterfly effect on my life.)

➡ At 19, I wanted to travel outside India (but had no $ + weak passport) -> got internships abroad -> led to full-time job in Singapore -> worked ~3 years (researcher) -> declined direct PhD & quit my job -> got Singapore's Entrepass & started my company -> did interesting projects (some of which blew up) -> finished journey across all 7 continents -> more cool projects 19 y/o me couldn't have believed.

➡ During this journey, I got to experience hitchhiking across Iran, busking in South Africa, living in the Sumatran jungle, crossing African borders by foot, visiting the North Korean border, setting up world's southernmost ETH node in Argentina, flying an aircraft to Antarctica to name a few.

➡ Pulling this off as a random nobody with no family money, network, or guidance broke the simulation for me and changed how I view the world. It’s not travel, it’s the art of doing whatever you put your mind to - I would’ve had the same shift in perspective had I decided to become the best carpenter in the world within 5 years.

🗞️  Recent Press

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🎙️ Interviews, Podcasts, Radio

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🎤 Talks

1. UNTAMED, Singapore - Why Web3 matters to GenZ with Maanasa Gopal
2. SRM University, India - Getting Opportunities Abroad after Undergrad in India
3. UNTAMED, New York - Impact of Web3 on humanity
4. National Institute of Education, Singapore - Creativity in STEM
5. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - Academia to Entrepreneurship


1. For collaborations/press/talk enquiries, email me.
2. For a quick chat, DM me on instagram or twitter.


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